Content creation

Do you need content for your site?

You can hire us to create graphic, text and video content. The team has a large number of graphic designers, copywriters, photographers and people involved in video and postproduction.

The significance and types of content

The importance of content is enormous today. Content is of great value and one of the prerequisites you must meet to get started building your site. The importance of content is best illustrated by the fact that Google respects rich and high-quality content and the importance of having good content is one of the most important factors for good SEO optimization.

When looking at content globally, there are many types of content, some of which are specific to the web only, while others can be used on the Internet as well as other media. The most common types of content are text, graphics, photos and video content. We have extensive experience in creating and customizing content for different media.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a form of visual communication and a clear message through some form of medium created from different symbols, images, graphics and text. The field of graphic design is large and is made up of a number of smaller areas such as typography, illustration and photography. Graphic designers combine text, images, photos to send a specific message and achieve the desired effect.

Our Designers most often create first-class logos for businesses, banner ads (used in online campaigns or beyond), various types of graphics, icons, etc. Below you can see some of the latest logos we have made.

Copywriting and creation of textual content

Probably the most important form of content is text. Creating quality, easy-to-read, yet highly effective texts is an occupation for copywriters. These are mostly educational, advertising and informative texts that can be found on websites, advertisements, posters and the like. Copywriters are often tasked with filling out text sites on the websites themselves. In these cases, their job is to print entire pages, whether it is Cover, About, or Privacy Policy. Copywriters usually have a lot of credit for creating texts that make product descriptions across various online stores.
The essence of copywriting is to really “feel” the activity, interest, style and presentation that the client leads and represents. Only when a copywriter succeeds can write texts that are unique, interesting and most relevant to the client. This is exactly why our copywriters are so good. You can read more about copywriting here.


Our sites are fully customizable and look great on all kinds of devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, hd).


All our clients receive in-depth training (via skype or live) and written instruction which enables them to maintain their sites very easily.


Website design aims to create a modern, stable and fast-paced website that can always be further enhanced and enriched with new features later.


The team has professional photographers you can hire to take photos as needed. Whether it is pre-professional photography of objects, interiors, products or maybe portraits (we were almost hired by a fashion agency). Our photographers also have a very prominent role in the development of Internet Stores, because in these cases, they are tasked with making quality photographs of the entire offer (all products from different angles), which will later find their place on the side of each particular product. We have several packages (which differ in the type of photography and the number of photos), among which you can choose the one that best suits your need.

We especially want to highlight the great collaboration our photographers and graphic designers have. They are a great team, they are very well aligned, so photographers always deliver 1: 1 photos at the request of graphic designers who later process and prepare them for use.

Video creation and post production

We make and edit short video clips of mostly educational, informative and advertising character. Most often it is commercial content (short commercials), but we also often know that we do clicks that are some kind of user guide, that is, explanations for using the website or some specific functionality. In our team we have experts who cover the process of video creation (recording), but also the process of post production, is editing of video material with the help of „Premier Pro“ and other software programs, so we give our clients the choice between only some of these services as and package both services. We are also creating audio content that can later be used in post production and combined with video. You can see some of our recent work here.

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As you can see, we have a lot of experience in content creation. Whether you need the services of our Graphic Designers, Copywriters or Photographers, you can contact us here. In the shortest possible time we will put together an offer that best suits your requirements.
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