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Website design is our passion.

Making websites has been our business for over 6 years. With mobile applications, SEO and Digital Marketing, this is certainly something with which we have the most experience, as evidenced by the large number of projects that we have successfully completed so far.

Don’t have enough experience in this field?

Don’t worry about it!  Making websites for most people is an unfamiliar area that seems quite confusing with a lot of unfamiliar terms. This should not scare you, as you will have our entire team at your disposal from the moment you contact us. We will gradually introduce and introduce you to all the magic of this process. Here you can find Basic Information you need to know and what are the first steps.

What will you get with a modern, stable and fast-paced website?

A website is your face (or the face of your business) on the Internet. This is what people will first see and learn about you. That is why it is very important that the initial impression you make on the visitor in the first 5 to 7 seconds is positive. This is a prerequisite for the visitor to stay on the site, become interested in you and start cooperation with you.

Consulting and assistance in choosing the ideal technology for you.

After hearing and defining all your requirements in detail, we will help you choose the ideal technology for your project. Making website and its very beginning require making certain choices (choice of technology, functionality, design). We will show you all the advantages and possible disadvantages that PhP, WordPress, Shopify, Angular or any other technology used to create with you. We will also determine if a variant for creating a presentation site or an Internet Store is more appropriate for you.. Your concerns will be eliminated and we will be at your disposal for any questions you may have.

Precise and clear Offer with detailed project planning

The offer will, from the very beginning, accurately and clearly define your requirements, all the services we provide with deadlines and price. Before you start working on the project, you will be presented with a work plan so that you will know exactly what date you can expect to be presented with the site or any other services we provide. We regularly hold status update meetings where we present what we have done and hear any additional client suggestions.


Our sites are fully customizable and look great on all kinds of devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, hd). Today, over 60% of people use mobile to surf the internet.


All our clients receive in-depth training (via skype or live) and written instruction which enables them to maintain their sites very easily.


Website design aims to create a modern, stable and fast-paced website that can always be further enhanced and enriched with new features later.

Website development and good practice we follow

When designing we always follow modern trends and our sites are made in accordance with the standards of modern web design. It goes without saying that they are „100% responsive“, meaning they look good on any device they open on. Except we only take into account the code we write. It is always „clean“, written with comments written in case someone after us should work on the site. All our sites are W3C Approved“ which means that they do not contain any error in the code or html elements.

Testing stages and your approval

The site development itself is completed with a testing phase in which we, together with our clients, perform various tests and checks before the site is released LIVE. Only when the client is 100% satisfied and all his / her requests and suggestions are implemented do we officially launch the site. Even if you want some correction after a certain period of time, we are always ready to meet all our clients.



Some of our recent projects:

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What we can promise is exactly what we have been providing to all our clients years back. We are responsible, we fulfill our obligations in an orderly, professional manner and always within the agreed deadline. In addition, we are very creative, avoiding templates and type work. We do every task with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.You can contact us here.

We are IT Lion and for our clients we fight like Lions!